The Weird Blog

Come on a journey, it’s more familiar than ever. One might call it “normal”, however, it’s more weird, colourful, and interesting that you may have imagined. #weirdisthenewnormal

To encourage and inspire one another in the things that we do so that we can all see quality, purpose, opportunity, and goodness every day. Even when we bungle it up. 


Other Things

I’v had the pleasure to work with all kinds of organisations across so many different markets, verticals, sideways, slantways etc. So, I get out the good old keyboard and take a moment to write/reflect. I think about all kinds of interesting things; business, technology, life, and all that between.

Padres Pontifications

As a chaplain, I reflect on the world and it’s interaction with one and all, I write short snippets allowing others to share in these reflections. I think about relationships, psychology, interactions, God, theology, and so on. Have a read, hope you feel a little encouraged.