Allowing yourself the space to do something else

For those of you that don’t know me. I am a doing person, I tend to always be on the go, there is a place to go to, there is a thing to see, there is an activity to do, ALWAYS. 

In many ways this is great, and I love it, I’ve been able to achieve much, see many things, participate in things, work with great people, and see great results.

As I write this I’m sitting in a café with my wife on holidays. We’re taking a day to do things she loves. She works at a different pace to me, she’s happier to stop reflect and have quieter moments. As I sit here, I realise that amongst all the ‘things’ I do and really enjoy that they are often similar. They often involve diving the car, meeting up with people, and exploring.

But what about different things? Although I write here and there, to feel inspired to write often comes with great effort, to participate in experiences that I’m not familiar with takes seemingly endless effort and in some circumstances invoke fear. 

My wife is ever patient with me, often coming along on my boot straps, I love you sweetie pie. Thank you. 

While I’ve had the pleasure to experience much, it’s not so easy to stop and do something else. Is there something I’d lose? Would the experience be lesser somehow?

But you know what, to simply permit myself to ‘be’ different in a moment allows the opportunity to do that something different. For me this morning on a quieter day, am I going to mope along ‘feeling bored’ but it’s all in me, I choose to re-frame, to allow myself to say yes to something else. To quiet myself for a moment and allow the opportunity to enjoy the moment to allow a new imagination to fly.

I did not in the slightest want to do writing today, to be honest I was not sure what I’d do, I assumed that I’d be largely be bored and go along for the ride. As I reflect in the moment though, I release myself to realise new things. I may lose something; the experience might be bad. For the most part this is me to work to try and experience, but above all, for amongst that is now in front of me something great could be hiding in plain sight. I could have missed it otherwise.

Today the difference and moment has inspired me to take my mind off other thoughts and ideas and to take a moment to sit next to my wife and write. What else might come today, it will be now be exciting to find out.