Change – Group B and COVID

The Group-B era is infamous, for the sound, speed, crowds, and the flare that the sounds of those fantastic beasts made as they danced through the forest leaving us with “goosebumps”. My favourite group rally car is the the Lancia Delta S4 – (A YouTube tribute to the S4, thanks Petrolicious)

We have fond memories of these great times, however, after changes to regulations and need to improve/change approaches to safety those Group B beasts were relegated to the archive. Group B only lasted 5 years and after several major incidents (Some fatal) change was on its way.

Today we relive those days in our memories, they are fond to us and exciting. We now look back at those times with great nostalgia. There have since been classic rally series’ and events such as The Apline that help us enjoy the times of the golden years and we reminisce of those “Good ol’ Times”

Have any of these modern events been able to restore those times? I don’t think so.

It’s no surprise that ever since those days we look back and wonder can they be lived again?

We often think back and ask ourselves what we need to get back those days, but there is a problem. The issue is that none of the conditions exist any longer for what made the world what is what at that time. Change happened, simply those conditions no longer exist.  

The news today

It’s 2020 and again we’re facing something that has brought change, COVID19. The world is in lockdown, we’re distancing ourselves, we cannot go rallying, we’re down to essential services only and cannot visit or travel. Some of us are out of work, others working harder and harder, routines are “all over the place”.

As it would appear that the COVID19 situation is improving, we start asking ourselves when will normal resume? Can we get back to those old routines and what life was like before..?

Again, I don’t think we can. Those conditions “before COVID19” no longer exist. As restrictions ease and it seems that all is going well again, the ramifications will be felt for years. Employment will be impacted, economies will struggle and eventually improve, we will gain wisdom, travel will be different, we’ll be testing and getting vaccinated. We’ll have learned and implemented new ways. The world around us will have changed and the world will not be what it once was.

So, are we ready for that change?

Classic rallying will never be like the times of days gone by, so too post COVID life will be more different than we can imagine. It’s what we do with that knowledge that can help us.

Change is not easy, and I don’t want to suggest that for a moment that it is. I’ve heard psychologists suggest that the way we humans keep routines etc. help us feel stable. Perhaps this could make us feel safe.

Have you heard the saying “The only thing that doesn’t change, is change”? I think the reason for such quotes is that there is truth to it. Perhaps to simply recognise that change happens and in turn, we’ll change is the best way to prepare ourselves and get our minds into a place ready for change. In turn to accept and know that change will and does happen helps us more truly ready to embrace change and be ready to create something new.

What will life and rallying look like, who knows? we don’t. But I think there lays a little secret, the opportunity to see and make something new and that’s worth embracing.