What we Discover

Discovery is an activity that happens every day. It’s not only for the adventurer finding new secrets and artefacts in the Himalayas or the scientist diving to the depths of the ocean to find a new species. 

What about that moment where we discover smithing hiding in plain sight? we find that button that sits on the dashboard that has an amazing function but we never realised it until now…

What about that moment we discover something in ourselves? We find new hobbies, new passions, we think about an idea and form a new or updated opinion…

What about discovering from our friends, colleagues, reading or listening, watching; all wanting us to discover along the way.

For everything that our world wants us to discover (it seems like there is so much to discover). There is I think one thing that I’ve learned through it all. Sometimes amongst it all we simply need to discover on our terms in our way. To participate and allow the “pennies to drop” as they may. 

The process cannot be forced, sometimes it can be quick, other times slow, others not at all. And you know what? That’s OK.